Film Review – The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Through reading the novel and watching the movie of ‘The boy in striped pyjamas’ we can observe differences in events, setting and also reactions people make due to each story line presented. The novel and movie both have advantages and disadvantages in its ability to convey messages, themes and make people react differently.

One of the main advantages in the movie version was that we have the ability to see the characters. Through site and visual aid we are able to see their body language, facial expressions, emotions and reactions. The version that is in novel form was told in third person point of view which made it hard, in some circumstances, to understand feelings and emotion as you had to create a character’s body language or facial expression, in your mind. This picture created in your head isn’t always correct and can make people unsure of what characters are feeling. A disadvantage of the movie was that whilst reading the book, a lot more detail and information was released about the actions and reactions of characters, as it was being told in third person. With no narration in the movie, it made it hard to fully understand the characters and justify their actions or reactions as their is no help from a narrator telling the story for you.

An advantage of the book was that, as mentioned above, the third person point of view gave a lot more information to the mind, telling the story for you. This information gave a clearer imprint in my mind which came through and helped with events happening later on in the novel. A disadvantage of the novel, ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ was that, obviously like most other books or novels, it had no sound. This meant a voice of what you thought each character would sound like, mightn’t be correct. After watching the movie I was surprised to hear father speak for the first time. In the novel he was portrayed to have a sharp, harsh voice that would be associated with an SS commandant, which he didn’t seem to have. Also, I saw Gretel, Bruno’s sister, portrayed a lot meaner in the novel than in the movie. Another thing was that the picture built in your mind about the setting could’ve also been a lot different. I assumed that whilst at their first house, in Berlin, the streets wouldn’t have been as crowded as they were.

Both versions of the story, being the novel and the movie, are relatively involving and provide advantages as well as disadvantages. For me, I thought the movie of ‘The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas’ was a whole lot more enjoyable. This is because I found it easier to understand the characters’ emotions and that was all because of the audio and visual components, which cannot be found in the novel.


~ by jarjarbinkks on September 4, 2012.

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