Rudolf Hoss- Man or Monster?

Rudolf Hoss was born in Germany, in the year 1900. He was a very strict catholic in his early ages but slowly drifted apart from the church in his early teens. He was the eldest of three children, and the only male. A few years later he joined the army where he served at many different locations whilst doing many different jobs. Soon after in 1933, he joined the SS, where after years of hard work and service he became the lieutenant colonel of the SS. In 1940 he was appointed, by Hitler, the first ever commandant at the newly built Auschwitz, which became the largest death camp made.

At this death camp, being the commandant, he was responsible for being a mass murderer. Although there are no records of him ever personally hitting, let alone killing anyone at the camp, he was responsible for the death and murder of millions of Jews. Early on in being commandant, Rudolf Hoss visited the Treblinka extermination camp to study its methods of human extermination and perfect techniques of mass killing in Auschwitz that made it the most efficiently murderous instrument of the Final Solution and the most powerful symbol of the Holocaust.

Rudolf Hoss married a woman named Hedwig Hensel in 1929 until his death in 1947. Once married, they had five children, two of them being boys and the other three being girls. He was supposed to have had an affair with an Auschwitz prisoner, but he extricated himself by sending her to the gas chamber. Although he did this he also had a very affectionate side. He kissed his wife morning and night as well as kissing and tucking his children into bed every night. When this is compared to the mass murderer of Auschwitz, he doesn’t seem like such a bad person. Though, this doesn’t change my thoughts and feelings about him and how much hatred he had for the Jews. He was much worse in real life compared to how he is portrayed, as the same character, in the novel; The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.


~ by jarjarbinkks on August 29, 2012.

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