Propaganda and The Final Solution

From researching Propaganda and the Final Solution I have come to realise the desperate decisions that the Nazi’s as well as Hitler made and used such as the Final Solution helped show how much hatred they had for the Jews and their religion. It also emphasises the horror the Jews went through during the holocaust.

The Final Solution, which was the Nazi’s secret plan to eradicate the Jewish population, was used to solve their so called ‘problems’. The Jews were mostly deported to concentration camps where they lived in overcrowded and unsatisfactory conditions with inadequate foods, if they got any. In camps, the Jews were forced to do hard work and many hours of labour where most of the gassed afterwards.

Propaganda was used by most military organisations during wars to modify the minds of people normally in the form of posters, pictures or short films. They also released information about their opposition’s weaknesses to change the people’s thoughts as well as their point of view on them.


~ by jarjarbinkks on August 9, 2012.

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